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This is me

2014-11-15 16She is a woman of great diverse skills. She is a Mother, Minister of the Gospel, a Lawyer, an Author, Mentor, Leadership Coach, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Business & Corporate Trainer and one of the most sought-after voices in the world today.

Her global voice and drive touches and influences all levels of society. Her passionate focus is to empower people for transformation through providing motivational and inspirational teaching and engagement. Her messages are geared at setting individuals and organisations on a clear path to discover, realise and utilise their full potential and purpose. At all levels of engagement she restores hope and sets a clear path that leads to the fulfilment of destiny. She strategically provides the much needed guidance, support and interventions at both an individual and organisational level.

She is guided by a motto of three words: Motivate- Inspire – Transform

The Minister

A minister of the gospel with a warm personality and a heart of gold. As she submitted herself to be a yielded vessel and surrendered her life to the Lord. The Lord began to prepare and anointed her to bring revival to the body of Christ and a great harvest of souls. She is passionate about compelling others to activate God’s best in their lives by merging spirituality with everyday living principles, as she ministers healing through the word and speaks prophetically into the lives of many.

She has set her mind to fulfil her assignment & mandate to advance the kingdom of God in Excellence.

Her ministerial and professional experiences have earned her stripes as a world-class leader. She has successfully pioneered the establishment of various ministries; she has helped thousands of people find hope, healing and restoration through Jesus Christ.
“My drive is to equip and empower people to maximize their untapped leadership potential and transform their lives.”

“I believe in ministry that brings timely, relevant, information and educating people on a gospel that will transform our society, community, bring economic empowerment, psychological liberation and spiritual renewal.”
“My nature and experiences have taught and helped me to identify with the oppressed, disenfranchised in any situation and I want to help them and be a conduit to bring the breath of God into their life so they begin to fulfil destiny.”
Her life is a testimony of how she has overcome great adversity repeatedly. Her testimonies demonstrate the love of God, His mercy, and grace. Every encounter leaves you with the inner man being empowered and healed.
She is passionate about her mandate and destiny. She believes in maximising the gifts and opportunities that God gives to her with the utmost humility. She is determined to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them discover and harness their greatness.

The Lawyer

Fortune Legoabe is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa. She has extensive experience in providing quality legal & business advice. She has represented corporate organisations, state owned companies, international organisations and private clients on a wide range of matters.

The Entrepreneur

Fortune has achieved significant personal and professional success. She has business and managerial experience spanning over more than 15 years. She has served on various executive committees of multi billion rand blue chip companies. She is a consultant for small business, big corporations, and ministries on various matters including personal & corporate branding. She provides consulting services in the areas of leadership development, executive development, team performance and personal change.
She has various business investment interests ranging from real estate, training and the beauty industry. She has great passion in ensuring that her clients achieve their goals, targets, objectives, fulfill their vision and mission.

The Coach

She is a qualified Coach with expertise in the following arrears: Business Coaching, Leadership / Executive Coaching, Life Coaching.
As a coach her overarching goal is to help individuals be the very best version of themselves, as individuals, leaders, executives, and managers. Her coaching programs are focused on helping the coachee attain significant improvement in their productivity, satisfaction with life and work and attainment of personal goals. The focus is on the individual’s advancement as they define it. She provides fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence.

The Motivational Speaker

Fortune is an exceptional, skilful and experienced international speaker with a passion for individual prosperity, self-development and achievement. As a speaker she provides the lift and inspiration designed to fit any event or occasion. Her knowledge, skills, expertise, practical style enable her to give each individual, attendee or delegate the encouragement and opportunity to discover themselves. Delegates are equipped to utilise their full potential, apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in their daily work and life.
She hosts seminars and conferences on personal and organisational development. She has transformed and continues to transform the lives of many around the globe. She also serves as a Mentor and Leader to many around the world.
She is the founder of the FortuneL Foundation which incorporates among others, an Empowerment Institute which trains individuals on various subjects including, management, leadership, branding, marketing and business development. The institute also mentors women with a specific focus on sexually abused women and the youth. Counselling services are also provided by the foundation and through its affiliates.

The Author

She has authored various books, online email devotions/newsletters and radio broadcasts. Some of the books she has authored include:
“He Did, She Did”: (an inspirational book for women focused on finding joy in relationships and avoiding 10 relationship Speed Breakers); Touched & Changed (Faith that brings a Permanent change); Under Construction (Understanding your purpose and God’s Blue print for your life); High Voltage (Prayer and Meditation); A Portrait of Love (Experiencing Intimacy with God); Beauty in Brokenness and many more.